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Get a Complete Email Server Software

A complete collaboration suite including Email, Storage, TeamChat, Calendaring, one-to-one Chat, Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations, designed to keep students communicating online and staying in contact with their teachers. It can be also provided in Cloud.


Business Email & Collaboration Solution for the Modern Workplace


Email and TeamChat integration. Free guest accounts. Multiple chat rooms.


Online Documents Editing with All the Bells & Whistles You Expect in Office Suite


A Collaboration and Time Management Foundation


Perform All Administration Tasks from One Place


FileSync is Your Virtual Drive for Windows, Mac or Linux Available Online.

Why IceWarp is Better for Education Business

Let Students Collaborate

IceWarp TeamChat, a real-time messaging and collaboration tool for teams & projects, allows students collaborate within different chat rooms on their projects.

Monitor Students Progress

IceWarp online storage allows teachers and student access to essential documents which students can easily upload and teacher is then able to work with them.

Communicate Remotely

Students and teachers can use IceWarp conferencing and make voice or video calls in one click. Distance is not an issue so teachers can teach group or individuals remotely.

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