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IceWarp Desktop Office

A complete office suite for Windows including Desktop Client, Desktop Documents, Desktop Spreadsheets and Desktop Presentations. Users can easily work with email, calendar, contacts, or use native applications to create, view and edit documents in common Office formats

IceWarp Desktop Client (12.1.1)

Last Update: 04.06.2018

E-mail client, calendar, contacts and instant messaging in one application. Use multiple accounts and connect with work email or services such as Gmail, iCloud and Outlook.com. Fast full-text search, email encryption with PGP support, interactive messaging history, delayed sending, automatic email translations and mainly full integration with the IceWarp platform.

IceWarp Desktop Documents

Documents editing for Windows. IceWarp Desktop Documents brings all the important features like live font preview, two-column layout, intelligent printing jobs, spell-checker, equation editor, review mode and many other useful tools.

IceWarp Desktop Spreadsheets

Table processor for Windows. Full support for formulas, filters, diagrams, searching through large data files, conditional formatting, PDF export and many other popular features.

IceWarp Desktop Presentations

An ideal tool for creating and editing presentations with support for templates, styles, and a variety of effects. Includes export to PDF and support for Powerpoint format.

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