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Download IceWarp Applications

IceWarp Desktop Office

IceWarp Desktop Office

Updated: 04.06.2018 | Size: 1.3 MB

Package of software including an offline office application suite working within a desktop. It combines Desktop Email, Desktop Documents, Desktop Spreadsheets and Desktop Presentations.

IceWarp Desktop Office


FileSync (12.1.1)

Updated: 04.06.2018 | Size: 27.9 MB

Keep all your essential files up-to-date and available from everywhere with online storage. Easily share files with others as a link embeddable in a message.

Windows 7+ MacOS 10+ Linux
TeamChat Desktop

TeamChat Desktop (12.1.1)

Updated: 04.06.2018 | Size: 88.3 MB

Directly from Desktop Client you can open a dedicated application which lets you work with multiple TeamChat accounts at once, if it wouldn't be achievable in the web version.

Windows 7+ MacOS 10+
IceWarp Outlook Sync

IceWarp Outlook Sync (12.1.1)

Updated: 22.10.2018 | Size: 73.4 MB

Outlook Sync is fully integrated into Outlook's interface and offers instantaneous synchronization of server-side data, including Email, Appointments, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and more.

Windows 7+ (.exe) Windows 7+ (.msi)
IceWarp Notifier

IceWarp Notifier (12.1.1)

Updated: 04.06.2018 | Size: 4.5 MB

IceWarp Notifier informs you about new emails instantly as they arrive, displaying a notification bubble with an e-mail preview and/or playing a custom sound.

Windows 7+

MacDeploy (12.1.1)

Updated: 04.06.2018 | Size: 2.9 MB

Configure collaboration and messaging on your Mac. Log in to your company account just as you would log in to webmail and IceWarp Configurator takes care of the rest.

MacOS 10+
IceChat Mobile

IceChat Mobile (12.1.0)

Updated: 18.07.2018 | Size: 1.1 MB

Chat on the go, instantly share photos or your location from your iPhone. Just install IceChat and log in. Your contact list is prepopulated and you can pin favorite contacts to the top.

iOS 10+ Android

Authenticator (12.1.1)

Updated: 18.07.2018 | Size: 28.7 MB

Add a second layer of security to your IceWarp account. Use mobile application for 2-factor authentication of your account. Scan QR code with a mobile device and pair it for obtaining a time-limited password.

iOS 10+ Android

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