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Get a Complete Secure Email Server Software

Robust and stable email server software with anti-spam and anti-virus included available also for Linux. Completely customizable and cost effective tool with flexible pricing. IceWarp White label option provides fully customizable turn-key solutions that deliver full control over IceWarp interfaces, under your own brand.


Business Email & Collaboration Solution for the Modern Workplace


The Modern Messaging and Collaboration Tool for Teams & Projects


Online Documents Editing with All the Bells & Whistles You Expect in Office Suite


A Collaboration and Time Management Foundation


Perform All Administration Tasks from One Place


FileSync is Your Virtual Drive for Windows, Mac or Linux Available Online.

Why IceWarp is Better for ISP Business

Built in Security

Get more control over your data security with combination of world class multi threaded Anti-Virus and multi-layered Anti-Spam protection.


IceWarp multitenant architecture lets you easily run multiple instances and handle several domains with different mailbox settings, logos and colors.

Feature Management

IceWarp administration allows setting of different features so there is an option license each user (admin/domain/user) differently.

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