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IceWarp Epos
AI buddy comes in handy to improve your daily productivity.
ChatGPT from OpenAI comes in handy in your daily correspondence.
Adopting fresh innovation to lend a hand in daily use, IceWarp now integrates ChatGPT across its Compose, Chat and TeamChat dialogs as well as in Documents. Once you unlock the generative AI, it’s available to magically assist you with responding to emails, translation, document authoring and more.
AI use cases
Our easily accessible ChatGPT integration offers convenient features such as:
Suggest a reply
When you need to respond to a long email, ChatGPT can draft a reply based on the entire previous conversation, so you don’t miss any important points.
Make a quick overview
To help you quickly get the gist of a long email, ChatGPT can make its brief overview, highlighting key points and enabling you to quickly action on them.
No need to copy and paste your foreign language emails into translation services, this feature seamlessly translates any of up to 100 languages right in your inbox.
Persistent prompt history
Your entire ChatGPT prompt history is saved. So when you receive a reply to your AI-assisted email, the chatbot is able to follow up on your existing ChatGPT conversation related to the email thread.
Updated mobile app
now with Notes
The major update to IceWarp mobile app now includes a new Notes experience, redesigned navigation and intro menu. Switching between mobile-enabled IceWarp components couldn’t be easier!
Snooze your email for later
The super useful Snooze Email feature is coming to IceWarp, allowing you to keep your inbox nice and tidy with emails you need to focus on at the moment while postponing others to later. Always
focus on what needs your immediate attention.
Lobby for your
New Lobby mode in Conferences adds a virtual waiting room for your conferences to enhance their security by putting you in control over who you admit.
Migration from Microsoft 365 is about to get a lot easier
Our new automated migration feature utilizing the Graph to IceWarp API bridge will help administrators to transition user data more easily from Microsoft 365 to IceWarp. We migrate everything except for Teams.